Pick One Of These Four Napels Florida Restaurants To Enjoy A Meal

Pick One Of These Four Napels Florida Restaurants To Enjoy A Meal

This time we are headed to Naples FL to look at some of the top restaurants there. Naples has almost 1000 restaurants to choose from, and it’s a fun place for vacation, too. I’m going to tell you about four Naples restaurants that you can keep in the back of your mind as you are out and about. What exactly do you have a craving for right now?

Campiello is one of the top establishments in Naples, and it is found on 3rd Street South. Campiello is a good restaurant if you are craving authentic Italian food. Enjoy braised veal, butterscotch budino, short ribs and much more. There is an outdoor patio for a refreshing dining experience, and one reviewer raves about it being a great spot to have lunch. Perhaps that also makes it a great spot for that meal right before the dinner rush.

As you are planning out those vacation meals, keep in mind this restaurant, too, Texas Tony’s Barbecue Shack. This establishment is located on Tamiami Trail, and some of the menu items include baby-back ribs, brisket, baked beans and of course you can get your Texas toast. Reviewers say that the portions are generous, and that makes a good barbecue restaurant sound even better. Do you think barbecue sounds like a plan?

Pincher’s is the next Naples FL restaurant, and it is located on 5th Avenue South. It appears to be a pretty festive place, and you’re talking about grouper sandwiches, peel and eat shrimp, crab and many more great menu items. Happy Hour is talked about in the reviews, and so are the chicken wings. Pincher’s sounds like one of those places I would go to for an afternoon lunch by the beach.

Lamoraga Restaurant is located on Tamiami Trail, just like Texas Tony’s Barbecue Shack. So keep your eyes peeled in that area of Naples. It sounds like there might be some other interesting places over there. Lamoraga is a tapas restaurant, and lamb skewers is one of the menu highlights. One of the desserts mentioned in the reviews is a cheesecake with a gingerbread crust, and it is served with violet ice cream. If I were you and reading this, I would have just forgotten everything I read and would be on my way to the cheesecake. Seriously, that sounds so deliciously homemade and scrumptious that I would be making my way to Lamoraga Restaurant.

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