A Couple Popular Destinations You Should See In California

California’s one of those fantastic states that has so much to offer. You may have visited New York before, or even headed down to the state of Texas, but no other state has as many activities. There are so many national parks that you can visit like Yosemite, and you can also had North close to the border of Oregon and see the giant redwoods. Let’s look at three of the top destinations that people visit when they go to California, some of which will be your favorite once you are done.

Go To Disneyland

If there is any place in the state of California that is representative of the United States as a whole, Disneyland is definitely that place. People all over the world have heard of this wonderful world created by Walt Disney, and it’s a place that you should definitely visit. It is highly recommended that you get a hopper pass for at least three days. This will allow you to go into Disneyland and also the California amusement park. Once you are done there, it’s time to head north to see one other attraction which is actually city that’s one of the most beautiful on earth.

Go To San Francisco

This is a city that is recognizable because of the style and structure of the city. It’s also notable because of the many bridges that connected to the land. Notably is the Golden Gate Bridge, probably the most iconic bridge in the world, and this will take you North if you decide to go to the redwoods.

Go To The Redwoods

The final place you should visit is the redwoods. These are some of the largest trees in the world. They are centuries old, and they are protected from the companies that would rather cut them down, preserving them for future generations. You can actually drive through some of these trees, and they extend for hundreds of miles. It is just astounding that these beautiful natural plants have grown so large. There is nothing quite like walking through a grove of redwoods, an experience that will definitely change your life.

These three places are destinations that everybody should visit once they get to the state of California. Although there are other places that you could go, these are three of the best ones, each of which is representative of something different about the state that you will always remember.

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